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Hello! Welcome to my blog for PLAYers. Below, first, a pic of two teen students, enjoying one of two improv play classes I was hired for, courtesy of a grant from Petaluma Rotary and Cinnabar Theater --a grant to work with COTS kids, whose parents were without homes at the time... A challenging and wonderful welcome to back to the Bay Area where I began my love affair with Improv in 1978. Second, here's a shot of me in front with my wonderful senior troupe/class mateys from L.A. Pierce College. "Second Childhood Players" reveled in two years together --and several classmates are still at it.


Improv Play Show for parents Fall 08


Second Childhood Players in L.A.

Monday, February 2, 2015

HAPPY 2015 -! Are you PLAYing?

Hello again!  Really enjoyed teaching an Improv class for WIndsor Raven Theater in fall of 2014, greasing my theater play wheels, and my instructor/director chops.  I will post some photos to share the fun --but at the moment, the uploads ain't uploadin.'

New Direction?  To share my fascinated passion with how well improv and creative play works with the residents I visit at senior living communities and nursing homes --who are memory impaired.  With a little prompting, some of those with dementia or alzheimer's become fabulous playmates. Others, with a kind heart, bolstered sense of humor, and infinite willingness to "improvise," can be led to smiles and ease, rather than fears, sadness, depression, withdrawal.

I am keen to share what I've discovered.  Here is an article just published in the local Council On Aging monthly, called Sonoma Seniors Today.  It's in the January 2015 issue, page 6. 

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